M3D: First Testing Report
    17 Nov : 00:07  by Administrator
    I bought a M3D printer on Kickstarter early last year for about $299USD and it finally arrived in about August this year. Since I've been away I only just had a chance to open it and play with it.
    This is just a collage of images taken during the first week of testing.

    Click For PDFImage not shown
    CROC: A Biologically Inspired Climbing Robot for Autonomous Inspection of Steel Infrastructure
    12 Aug : 22:57  by Administrator

    As we are now delivering this project, our newest robot, CROC is starting to go public!!

    CROC is a biologically inspired climbing robot for the autonomous inspection of steel infrastructure. The research has been funded by the Road and Maritime Services New South Wales (RMS) and has been carried out by the Centre for Autonomous Systems and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
    iArm Turns Vice Handle via Remote Trajectory Interface
    25 Jun : 05:05  by Administrator

    A pose is found where the iArm can hold and turn the vice handle. A safe trajectory to this position is recorded on a remote WinXP PC. Then the trajectory is controlled via a control loop running on a remote WinXP PC using ZeroC Ice calls back and forwards to the Linux Laptop connected to the iArm CAN bus.
    The vice handle is NOT sensed in this video. This is NOT controlled by a human operator.
    Akacyanpion Robot System: 10 minute Demo Programming Competition
    15 Jun : 03:59  by Administrator

    My system, called Akacyanpion, was entered into the Demo Programming Competition at the Intelligent Robot Laboratory, University of Tskuba, Japan. Akacyanpion placed 2nd. (English subtitles available. Press CC)
    Motivation: The baby is crying for her milk. You're busy and your hands are full. A robot system is needed that can prepare the bottle (shake it) and hand it over to a smaller worker mobile robot which can deliver it to the baby. The system is called AKACYANPION. AKACYANPION is comprised of a light-weight Speego Yamabico Mobile robot, an Xtion RGBD camera, a pan and tilt unit for versatile maneuvering of the camera, and an Exact Dynamics iArm manipulator.
    山彦 Mobile Robot 2D Map Building
    28 May : 03:59  by Administrator

    Although 2D mapping has been done many times by many people. This is my first time with a mobile robot. Using PCL's ICP to match new Hokuyo data to a voxel grid map and hence clean it up. Rough trajectory was preset. Then using a combination of my own control and Yamabico control to move th mobile robot through the desired trajectory.
    Cylinder Detection PCL+Kinect+QT
    28 May : 03:59  by Administrator

    This shows the PCL viewer, kinect data reader and cylinder detection, with a QT GUI. On screen, when a cylinder is found, it will show 3 point clouds in sequence: 1) All points within 1m, 2) points on the majority plane, 3) points for the cylinder detected. Although this is basically a combination of PCL tutorials, if you are interested you can download the code from here
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