Emotiv Matlab Toolbox Submitted
    11 Apr : 22:07  by Administrator
    Image not shown
    The matlab Emotiv toolbox has been added to Matlab central.

    It can be downloaded from:

    It can be used to query the EDK library in order to recieve EEG data from the Emotiv EEG headset.
    3D Printed Model with Kinect & ReconstructMe
    06 Apr : 19:26  by Administrator

    Kinect, ReconstructMe and 3D printing.
    Thanks to @TO, GHU and DAB at UTS for modelling, collecting data and making an awesome model, respectively.
    See other robotics youtube work by alphalegion on their page
    iArm Powerup Test with my Qt GUI
    06 Apr : 19:25  by Administrator

    The first iArm powerup tests using a laptop 24V power supply. The setup is screwed down on a heavy table and taped as well. It is very stable. I had it holding 1.5kg bottle at full stretch and manipulating it in various jerky motions without any tipping of the base. The Qt was prototyped (quickly) in Qt
    PhantomX 2DOF Robot Turret: Arbotix & Matlab Controller
    06 Apr : 19:22  by Administrator

    PhantomX Turret ( www.trossenrobotics.com/p/phantomX-robot-turret.aspx ) with standard Dynamixel AX12 servos.

    The code for Arbotix is written from scratch in C. It is a basic serial interpretor and executor with feedback loop. I wrote the external PC controller interface in Matlab.

    This code will soon be available on my google code page and also on the Matlab fileexchange. Also I'll write a QT interface to do the same thing in C++ using my serial protocol.
    Xtion & Australian Sunlight Do Not Mix
    06 Apr : 19:19  by Administrator

    Testing footage of Xtion in the sun (taken in Australia in March). In an environment with direct sunlight, indirect sunlight and shade. We all know that the PrimeSense sensors work well indoors and not outside but I was surprised how poor the depth images were even with indirect sunlight
    Arrived in Japan
    26 Mar : 18:09  by Administrator
    Arrived in Japan safely, no problems with baggage weight. Start uni today and move in to dorm. Equip. got here safely without having to pay extra charges for being over the weight limit.
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