ASUS Xtion & ReconstructMe 1m^3 3D Virtual World Construction
    16 Mar : 09:09  by Administrator

    Using the ASUS Xtion and freely available software ReconstructMe (for Real-time 3D Model Reconstruction). Holding the Xtion in my hand and constructing a 3D mesh map of the bottom of a book case.
    MeshLab is then used to show the resulting STL.
    The 3D model is build real-time using an old graphics card (i.e. NVidia GeForce GT 240)
    Android Phone & IOIO Controlling Movit Robotic Arm
    16 Mar : 09:04  by Administrator

    HTC phone running Android connected to a Sparkfun IOIO board which switches 10 relays to control a OWI Movit 5DOF Arm (4DOF + a gripper).

    Code available here:
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