PhantomX Robotturret C++ Controller Release
    20 May : 10:38  by Administrator
    I finished writing the C++ GUI for the controlling the Trossen PhantomX Robotturret.
    The first release of the code is available here:
    I wrote this because I wanted a C++ controller with a GUI and I couldn't build the ones available. This is a simple GUI and controller written in C++ using QT libraries.

    I use the QTextserialport library which is a small but very useful serial port library written in C++/QT, which I have included in the project. I designed a simple serial protocol, and coded a Arduino server for the ArbotiX board to talk in this protocol to the computer controller. I previously wrote a Matlab controller which speaks the same protocol which was featured on the Matlab FileExchange:
    Nifty Robot Neck+Vision System - Xtion & PhantomX Turret
    17 May : 22:03  by Administrator

    This is a cute robot 2 degree of freedom neck with range & vision data collection that I put together for my AkachanPion robot. Currently it can be controlled to pan 300 degrees and tilt 180 degrees at increments of 0.3 degrees. The application is written in C++ with separate threads for the vision, the control, the GUI and the state machine. The AkachanPion robot system, which I will show later, is for positioning and delivering a baby's bottle. The vision system is needed to find where the bottle is and to find where the mobile robot is that will be delivering the bottle back to the baby.
    Two-armed WAM Barrett robot in Matlab
    16 May : 03:59  by Administrator

    I recently visited the Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). They have a dual WAM Barrett robot arm setup.

    See this article.I made and animate the models in Matlab. The arms glyphs should be accurate they are based on CAD data from the robot supplier. However, the positioning of the base of the arms was done from memory so may be slightly inaccurate.
    It is possible to use these kinematic models and the ellipsoids around them to do collision avoidance and path planning. The joints on each arm can be controlled individually to simulate tasks being performed.
    iArm Robot Model with Force Fields in MATLAB
    18 Apr : 20:04  by Administrator

    This model of the Exact Dynamics iArm was created and animated in matlab. The ellipsoids which surround each link of the manipulator model can be used to do fast collision avoidance calculations. This improves planning time and pose selection calculations.
    Remote Web iArm Robot Controller: Pickup Bottle
    18 Apr : 20:01  by Administrator

    A remote operator is logged into a US-based website from Japan. The clicking commands is being recorded by a local camcorder. It is then possible to see the lag between a mouse click and an actual movement. The ustream feed object in the web page shows the lag the remote operator sees. A separate computer, also in Japan is reading from a file on the web server to determine if a new command has been issue, what it is, and then executing the commands on the actual iArm.
    Online Robot Controller - V1 release
    11 Apr : 22:25  by Administrator
    Image not shown
    Release the first version of the online robot manipulator controller.
    The purpose of this is to allow users to control the iArm robot over the internet via a web page. Currently there is no simulation and only a few joints are done but it works. There is a live video feed and you can control joints 1 and 2 (which are safe).
    See here: Online Robot Controller.

    Please email me if you want to have a go. At the moment I have to be there to supervise. It doesn't really need me but just in case for safety.
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