Overview: Manipulation with industrial manipulators and other multi degree of freedom robotic arms


    • - Given grasping parameters find a pose quickly in C++ using no map of the surrounds

    • - Include a map of the surrounds by adding in the world data and the collision avoidance term and trying to find a pose again

    • - Add in a desired trajectory to follow and find poses for each of these in the nearest first way, Try simple movements that don't drive into singularities

    • - Given a specific trajectory to keep the pose a certain way given task objectives which can be relaxed in terms of the x,y,z taken but not in terms of orientation (like holding a glass of water upright)

    • - Add the iArm control to ROS

    • - Have a QT based GUI for the iArm

    • - Have an online controllable Matlab model of the iArm/WAM/Denso arms

    • -Have a collision avoidance model of the WAM