News Item: Akacyanpion Robot System: 10 minute Demo Programming Competition
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Friday 15 June 2012 - 03:59:21

My system, called Akacyanpion, was entered into the Demo Programming Competition at the Intelligent Robot Laboratory, University of Tskuba, Japan. Akacyanpion placed 2nd. (English subtitles available. Press CC)
Motivation: The baby is crying for her milk. You're busy and your hands are full. A robot system is needed that can prepare the bottle (shake it) and hand it over to a smaller worker mobile robot which can deliver it to the baby. The system is called AKACYANPION. AKACYANPION is comprised of a light-weight Speego Yamabico Mobile robot, an Xtion RGBD camera, a pan and tilt unit for versatile maneuvering of the camera, and an Exact Dynamics iArm manipulator.

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